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Hosted by the Program on Chinese Cities (PCC)

10/12/2023 3:00 PM-4:00 PM

Presenter: Simeng Jin

Former Journalist and Editorial Director of Art World and L’officiel Art

Visiting Scholar of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Supervisor: Prof Yan Song


Public art, that art shared by the public in urban public spaces goes beyond art itself, is now consciously incorporated by governments into urban marketing and urban development strategies as one of the ways to promote urban renaissance. Public art combines aesthetic value and social identity to activate public space and through the development of public art masterplans, the construction and collection of a large number of public artworks in cities, as well as the development of art banks, exhibitions, promotions, education, and expert libraries. lt also plays a key role in developing tourism and enhancing the public image of the city, bringing benefits to the local economy. However, with the expansion of urban construction zones, the advancement of public art practices, the diversification of art creation methods, the improvement of public aesthetic awareness, the change of organizations and funding sources, as well as the emergence of challenges from global epidemics, racism, and technological iterations, there is an urgent need to explore new ways of thinking and tools for the planning and implementation of public art in urban development.


One Response to “Research Seminar :Emerging Value and Exploring Thinking of Public Art in Urban Planning”

  1. Odoo

    How might the changing socio-political landscape, including issues such as global epidemics and racism, impact the themes and narratives chosen for public art, and how can these challenges be navigated in the planning and implementation of public art initiatives?


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