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Hosted by the Program on Chinese Cities (PCC)

11/30/2023 3:00 PM-4:00 PM

Presenter: Ren Jie

PhD Candidate, Tongji University, Supervisor: Prof Wentao Yan

Visiting student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Supervisor: Prof Yan Song


Innovation is a key driver of regional economic development, The development of regional innovation networks can promote intercity innovation exchange, which in turn affects the economic growth and resilience of cities in the region. This study first analyzes the influence mechanism of different dimensions of innovation network characteristic indicators on economic resilience from the theoretical level. Second, taking the Yangtze River Delta region as the research object, the technological innovation network is constructed based on the data of joint invention patent applications between cities, and the spatial structure of the innovation network well as the evolution characteristics of economic resilience are analyzed. Finally, through econometric regression analysis, we empirically analyze the impact of the degree of embeddedness in the innovation network on the economic resilience of cities. it is suggested that the positive externalities of the regional innovation network should be fully exploited to promote the resilient development of the region.


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