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Guizhou University


Haiying Zeng received her Ph.D in Political Economics from Sichuan University in Chengdu, China in 2007. She is a professor at the School of Economics and Director of the Economic Research Center at Guizhou University in China.

Dr. Zeng’s research interests include: less-developed area development study in China; regional development policy; comparative sustainable urbanization; economic development planning; special economic zone study; and industrial economic development strategy planning. She specializes in China’s industrial park strategy study and policy analysis.Her current projects include: Business park strategy study, Service industry development in China, and New urbanization study in China.

She has been a Visiting Scholar at the Program on Chinese Cities since May 2015. She also helps manage this website.

Research Interests

comparative sustainable urbanization, economic development planning, industrial economic development strategy planning, less-developed area development study in China, regional development policy, special economic zone study