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An Empirical Study of Hedonic Housing Price Model in Beijing with 2007 Market Data
Peihong Chen, Jiaqiong Wang

Bridging The Urban-Rural Divide? A Case Study on Rural Land Transition in Sichuan Province, China
Qinlin Gong, Yan Song, Christine Boyle

Depending on Marketing to an Ecological Vision: A Case Study of Overseas Chinese Town’s Developing Management in Shenzhen, China
Haozhe Zhang, Guangjun Jin, Yan Song

Development, Performance and Challenge of Land Reserve Institution in China: Evidence from Hangzhou
Chuanhao Tian, Yan Song

Dynamic Congestion Pricing for Multi-Class and Multi-Modes Transportation System with Asymmetric Cost Functions
Shaopeng Zhong, Wei Deng

Evaluating the Effects of Urban Master Plan: Learning from American Experiences
Zhiyong Jiang, Yan Song

Evaluating Urban Plan Contextual Validity: A Case Study of Shenzhen
Li Zhihui, Yan Song, Chen Yanping, China Academic Journal Eletronic Publishing House

From Local to Global: One Hundred Years of Neighborhood Planning
William M. Rohe

How To Ensure The Implementation of TOD With Public Policies?–Learning From International Experiences
Zhihui Li, Ke Peng, Yan Song, Yanping Chen

How Land Use Characteristics Affects Travel Mode–Case Study of Shenzhen
Yanping Chen, Yan Song, Xiaohong Pan, Ke Peng, Xin Jin

How To Promote Low-Carbon City Through Master Plan–Learning from the City of New York
Yan Song, Ke Peng

How Should Urban Planning Respond to Climate Change: Learning from Local Strategies in the U.S.
Yan Song, Zhidan Liu,Ke Peng

The Internal Evaluation of Urban Plan Validity: Learning from American Planning Experiences
Haozhe Zhang, Yan Song, Yanping Chen, Guangjun Jin

New Research Directions in Urban Form: A Multi-disciplinary, Multi-scale and Policy-oriented Review
Yan Song, Chun Zhang

Non-Motorized Travel Research and Contemporary Planning Initiatives
Daniel Rodriguez, Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning, Journal of Urban and Regional Planning

Reflection on the New Urbanism Movement in the U.S.
Yan Song, Chun Zhang

Urban Expansion, Land Use and the Development of Rapid Transt: the Case of New York Subway
Laifang Sheng, Yan Song

Urban Plan Evaluation: Learning From American Examples
Yan Song, Jiang Zhiyong, Yang Xiaochun, Chen Yanping, China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House

Urban Road Space Management-Experience from American Cities
Ke Peng, Yan Song, Yanping Chen

Which index can explain the development of urban economy more accurately—traditional factors or creative class?
Mary Donegan, Joshua Drucker, Harvey Goldstein, Nichola Lowe, Emil Malizia, Mingsheng Chen