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On August 24, 2023 at 3:00PM: the Program on Chinese Cities and the Carolina Asia Center consponsored a research seminar presented by Wang Qixuan, PhD Candidate, Tongji University and Visiting Scholar at UNC Chapel Hill.

Title: Research on the System Evolution, Development Characteristics and Trends of Development Zones in China

Abstract: This presentation offers a brief introduction to the transformation process of China’s Development Zone System. It will mainly introduce the the concept, classification, and development process of China’s development zones. Furthermore, it will endeavor to employ qualitative and quantitative analysis methods to explore the evolutionary traits of the development zone system under governmental stewardship, as well as the effectiveness of the development zone in promoting local innovation and development. Lastly, drawing Insights from the case of Zhangjiang-HIDZ in Shanghai, the speech will summarize several trends of China’s development zones.


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